Black Circle

Black Circle Stage is a unique circular stage that was designed and built in 2021. It was initiated by Eluda Dance Co., led by Emilie Lund, in collaboration with the architect MAA Humberto Baeza and a network of Danish cultural institutions consisting of Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium, Odin Teateret, Holstebro Dancekompagni, Operaen i Midten, Dansk Talentakademi, Teater Fluks, and Hakkehuset. The venue was also supported by Slagteriet Holstebro, Ensemble MidtVest and independent performing artists. Black Circle is designed by the architect MAA Humberto Baeza & Co. in collaboration with Eluda Dance Co.


Black Circle is a "Living Lab," where artists and audiences are invited to explore a possible vision for a future theatre space. We experiment with the stage and the artistic expression that it frames. In 2021, Black Circle was tested by all the collaborators in the network. This meant that the stage was tested in the genres of classical music, theatre, dance, poetry and opera. Each genre approached the space differently with different challenges and opportunities.


Black Circle was supported in 2020-2021 by the Danish Arts Foundation (Statens kunstfond), Region Midtjylland, Dreyersfond and the National Bank's anniversary fund (Nationalbankens jubilæumsfond).

Black Circle Stage continues to serve as a space for local as well as international performing artists.