Past Performances

Transit Festival

Odin Teatret, Julia Valey (2022)


Transit is an international theatre festival organized by Julia Varley, one of the founders of The Magdalena Project - a network of women in contemporary theatre that has existed since 1986. Black Circle co-hosted some of the festival's activities and participated in the program. Transit and The Magdalena Project aim to create opportunities for women to explore new approaches to theatre production that reflect their own experiences and political priorities. The circular space in Black Circle functioned as a cosy gathering point for discussions, presentations, and work demonstrations during the festival.


Organized and led by: Julia Varley


Operaen i Midten (2021)


Operaen i Midten performed the show 'Rumleskaft/Rumpelstiltskin' by the Grimm brothers, featuring three talented opera singers and a guitarist. They reinterpreted the story of the king, the poor miller, and his beautiful daughter. The performers shifted positions on Black Circle’s circular stage, ensuring that no corners of the audience were forgotten.


Cast: Daniel Kjær Holmberg, Karin Sjöholm, Mikkel Baungaard Thomsen

Guitar: Andreas Lassen Nielsen

Producer: Marie Lund Nielsen

Consultant: Magnus Errbo

Far Beyond & Black Circle

Dansk Talentakademi (2021)


The Dansk Talentakademi (dance program), led by Lene Bonde, performed two works with the students from the academy (DTA): BLACK CIRCLE and Far Beyond


The performance BLACK CIRCLEwas dedicated to Black Circle Stage and thematised the struggle a person experiences when trying to break a vicious cycle in life. BLACK CIRCLE is based on personal interviews from the dancers' close relationships and is brought to life through dance at the center.


Far Beyond describes an undefined, boundless state, expressed as: "Smothered together with no ends nor beginnings. No boundaries, no limits, no calculated time. Undefinable time to rewrite your story or not write it at all. A place where the body and soul are connected, but disconnected from reality”.


Artistic Director of the Dansk Talentakademi: Lene Bonde 

Choreographers: Jens Schyth Brøndum, Amalie Stitz, Lene Bonde and students from DTA.

Take Wing

Eluda Dance Co. (2021)


The performance Take Wing is in the genre of dance theatre and touches on themes such as loss, love, power, and the desire for freedom. The ambiguity of "leaving" is interpreted in a modern context. The performance is a continuation of the solo performance "A Doll's House - Exit". 


Artistic Director and Dancer: Emilie Lund 

Co-creator and actor: Juraj Benko

Co-producer: Humberto Baeza

The Starry Messenger

Nido Lab (2021)


Artistic director of Nido Lab, Donald Kitt, performed the solo show The Starry Messenger at Black Circle. The show's title comes from the groundbreaking Italian scientist Galileo Galilei. The performance is about a man who lives by himself and only owns a few things. He uncovers and reveals the universe, a world that cannot be controlled by humans. His knowledge becomes too great, and he must flee. Donald Kitt delivered a thrilling performance with his powerful voice. The plexiglass framing of the circular stage created a sense of loneliness and isolation for the protagonist in the center.


Director and actor: Donald Kitt

Black Circle Dansefilm Festival 

Black Circle (2021)


In collaboration with Antroposfera, Muestra Movimiento Audiovisual, and Subhuset – Slagteriet, Black Circle Dansefilm Festival featured dance films from Denmark, Mexico, Argentina, and the USA. 


The participating film and artist consisted of: Maids, Sofía Castro(AR). Lazarus, Tuixén Benet (US) Den Jyske Vestkyst, Din udstrakte krop, Livet gør tegn and Månesang of Holstebro Dansekompagni (DK). Im Fine and Collaboration II  of Nana Anine (DK). Black Belt of Rogelio Villagomez (MX)LanDance of Eluda Dance Co. (MX/DK). A Tenger/EL Mar of Melissa Priske (MX)  Inés of Michael Carroll (MX), La magia del Diente of Laura Cruz (MX), El Rezo of Denisse Figueroa (MX) 20 pétalos of Alejandra Díaz, (MX). 

Ekkoer af Fejring

 Ikarus Stage Art/Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium (2021)


Black Circle har med stor glæde haft besøg af Ikarus Stage Art ledet af Carolina Pizarro, med hele tre forestillinger, der med mangfoldighed og glæde har fyldt Black Circle ud. Publikum har set på en karrusel af 12 performere der kraftfulgt har indtaget og eksploderet i scenerummet. 


Forestillingen Ekkoer af Fejring (Echoes of Celebration) tager udgangspunkt i overgangsritualer og de global kulturelle fælles ritualer og manifestsationer, hvor sangstemmen som instrument, er en vigtig udtryksform. Ikarus Stage Art benytter digte og musik fra hele verden (Europæisk, Latinamerikansk, Balkan-musik mm.)

Kunstnerisk ledelse: Carolina Pizarro

Musikledelse: Rodrigo Contreras

Medinstruktør af Ikarus Stage Art: Luis Alonso

Performers: Francesca Tesoniero, Gabriela Arancibia Villagra, Hui Tsyr Yang, João Carlos Silva, Matias Carruitero, Michelle Marie Rodríguez, Pablo Lara, Rodrigo Contreras, Sigrid Norheim Ørntoft, Simon Samuelsson, Jacob,  Zuzana Ďuríková.


Holstebro Dansekompagni (2021)


Holstebro dansekompagni opførte uddrag fra forskellige forestillinger i Black Circle, herunder et lille udvalg fra Aston Piazolla’s De fire Årstider i anledning af hans 100 års fødselsdag. Derudover blev der opført uddrag fra Punk – A Rebel Never Dies, som fremstiller oprøret i 80’erne og i dag, samt uddrag fra No Sex – En verden af Køn, en forestilling der undersøger individets og samfundets forventninger til køn og seksualitet. Det var tydeligt med de mange forskellige fragmenter, hvordan dansen var særlig velegnet til den cirkulære scene.


Kunstnerisk leder og koreograf – Holstebro Dasekompagni: Marie Brolin-Tani

Koreograf Punk – A rebel Never Die: Jacob Stage 

Koreograf No Sex – En verden af Køn: Jason Mabana 

Dansere: Jasmine Gordon, Jon Ipina, Mikkel Alexander Tøttrup, Elena Nielsen, Giorgia Reitani, Rosie Stebbing og Carl Hughes.

Klassisk Koncert 

Ensemble MidtVest (2021)


Ensemble MidtVest participated in the exploration of Black Circle and performed a concert with five musicians on a warm summer day. Ensemble MidtVest sees classical music as a living tradition that is rooted in the past, but is just as relevant today as it has been for centuries. The ensemble aims to make the last 500 years of music accessible to audiences in the 21st century. With strong considerations for how a concert space can best create a concert experience, they explored the potential of Black Circle.


Musician: Charlotte Norholt, Peter Kirstein, Tommaso Lonquich, Yavor Petkov, Neil Page.


Hakkehuset og Ipatom Theatre (2021) 


Silketråd/Silk Thread, directed by Magnus Errboe, was a site-specific performance that took place in Black Circle and its surrounding area. The narrative of the performance followed a journey from east to west, featuring a series of masked figures in various living tableaux who spun threads, all set to a magnificent universe of sounds and music. The performance was created in collaboration between Hakkehuset and the Italian/French group Ipatom Theatre. The incorporation of the surrounding landscape highlighted the site-specific nature of Black Circle, with sounds from outside entering the pavilion through its open slats. In the performance, the audience was seated on the stage while the actors performed in the cabins, resulting in an engaged audience and expanding the possibilities in approaching Black Circle.


Director: Magnus Errboe

Cast: Actors from Hakkehuset and Ipatom Theatre

White Bear

Teater Fluks (2021)


Teater Fluks visited Black Circle to explore the theatre space and test material for their production White BearPerformer and dramaturge Rasmus Malling Lykke Skov investigated the connection between his memories of dressing up as a polar bear for Carnival in 2nd grade (and no one could see it!), and Greenlandic myths about the origin of the polar bear and its connection to humans. White Bear is a story about large circles, connections, and how each individual narrative is inevitably woven into the others. White Bear was shown as a work-in-progress, where the circular space on stage was incorporated as part of the narrative starting point.


Director and performer: Rasmus Malling Lykke Skov

Slottet i Holstebro

Odin Teateret (2021)


The play “The Castle in Holstebro” was performed by Julia Varley, and the original expression and principles of the play were maintained. The Black Circle's plexiglass walls were challenged, and a backdrop was installed. Maintaining the format of the play in the circular stage led to an important reflection on the possibilities of the space. Eugenio Barba subsequently suggested the possibility of making the space hermaphroditic.

The Castle in Holstebro is a world that becomes a dream and a dream that becomes a world. A dialogue unfolds between a woman and her ironic admirer. The play moves through an inner spiritual landscape populated by diverse characters, situations, and surprises.


Cast: Julia Varley

Direction: Eugenio Barba

Blue Apple

Ikarus Stage Art/Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium (2021)


I børneforestillingen Blue Appel viser hovedkarakteren Ild os ud af hverdagens ligegyldigheder ved at Ild lære at kommunikere med enhjørninger telepatisk og opdager herved at de spiser blå æbler, der giver dem deres magiske kræfter: evnen til at le, glæde sig ved livet og til kærlighed. 

Kunstnerisk ledelse: Carolina Pizarro

Musikledelse: Rodrigo Contreras

Medinstruktør af Ikarus Stage Art: Luis Alonso

Performers: Francesca Tesoniero, Gabriela Arancibia Villagra, Hui Tsyr Yang, João Carlos Silva, Matias Carruitero, Michelle Marie Rodríguez, Pablo Lara, Rodrigo Contreras, Sigrid Norheim Ørntoft, Jacob, Simon Samuelsson, Zuzana Ďuríková.Jacob


Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium (2021)


The dance concert by Kai Bredholt, Erika Sanchez, and Nikolaj Rosengreen combined flamenco dance, guitar, accordion, and the Mexican instrument Jarana with songs from Mexico and the West cost of Denmark. Erika danced flamenco in the middle of the stage until sawdust from the newly built structure sprinkled down. In a fascinating way, they managed to create a unique and cozy experience in Black Circle, where the audience was greeted with wine, light chains, and music that was both local and international.


Dancer: Erika Sanchez

Musicians: Kai Bredholt and Nikolaj Rosengreen


Ikarus Stage Art – Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium (2022)


Black Circle supported the "Ildfluefest Festival" (The Firefly Festival), a cultural celebration where Ikarus Stage Art and their partner celebrate community through stage art. As part of the festival, three performances were staged in Black Circle. The performances were:


“Et skridt af gangen"(One step at a time) a dance performance by choreographer Julie Schmidt Andresen and dancers Nikoline Gervang Heimburger and Adrian Ulrich Skjoldborg.

“Vul (°) Stop”, en contemporary bouffon af performer Theresa Pflügler.

“Off with her head”, en performance af Michelle Madsen.


Daniel Boysen  (2021)


The performance of the Månedrøm (Moon's Dream) by author Daniel Boysen and musician Martin Lau was a fusion of poetry and music. The two artists created a meeting where Daniel was reading poetry from the Månedrøm and it was combined with both acoustic and electronic music, creating a universe of dreams, fantasy, and reality.


Author: Daniel Boysen

Musician: Martin Lau

Din skæbne er i dine hænder

Nido Lab & Rocio Del Pino Lobos (2021)


Din skæbne er i dine hænder (Your destiny is in your hands) was directed by Donald Kitt and performed by Rocio del Pino Lobos from Chile in 2021. The performance is about traveling to the other side of the world and still choosing songs and colors from one's own country to become "una apátrida" - a stateless person. With a sensitive voice, Rocio played and sang, immersing us into the soul of Chile. The performance is a co-production between Nido Lab and Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium.


Cast: Rocio del Pino Lobos

Director: Donald Kitt

Poesi på en torsdag

Ulrik Skeel (2021)


Poesi på en torsdag (Poetry on a Thursday) by Ulrik Skeel, was held in Black Circle with the month's featured author, Laus Strandby Nielsen. Influenced by Black Circle's many mirrors, Skeel read his poetry "like a fish in an aquarium" for the audience and his own reflection, accompanied by sensitive bossa nova music that created a unique experience. The evening was smoothly executed, with supplementary readings and music from the house band, while the audience enjoyed a glass of wine.


Organized and hosted by: Ulrik Skeel

Author: Laus Strandby Nielsen

Cast: Rina Skeel, Tage Larsen, Franz Winther, Iben Nagel Rasmussen og Jan Ferslev


 Ikarus Stage Art/Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium (2021)


Koncerten Metamorfose opført med Cimbalomen akkompagnerer af en klarinet, en harmonika, en bas og en guitar. Skaber et roligt og refleksivt univers. Cimbalomen spillet af Rodrigo Contreras er et strengeinstrument fra Østeuropa, der har 133 strenge og er kendt for at blive spillet af romamusikere i Ungarn, Rumænien og andre lande. Koncertens musikstykker inkluderer melodier fra Balkan-regionen og Sydamerika, samt originale kompositioner. 


Kunstnerisk ledelse: Carolina Pizarro

Musikledelse: Rodrigo Contreras, Matias Carruitero, 

Medinstruktør af Ikarus Stage Art: Luis Alonso

Performers: Rodrigo Contreras, Jacob , Matias Carruitero, , Simon Samuelsson, Pablo Lara. 

Loop Situation

Jon Stage (2021)


Loop Situation, by Jon Stage, presents an alternative, experimental, electronic dance performance where music and dance are at the center. The performance focuses on how life can feel like a loop situation, where repetitions create rhythms. As humans, we often move in predictable and monotonous structures, which the performance challenges. Jon Stage was both behind the mixer and on the stage during the performance.


Artistic direction and performer: Jon Stage

Land To See

Mellem Rum (2021)


In Land To See by the group MellemRum, two musicians and a dancer performed a show in which they change positions in a circular space after each music piece. The performance deals with the transitional phases of life and the connection to their roots.


Performers: Antonia Stäcker (Dans) Johanne Buus Andersen (Fløjte) Emily Wittbrodt, (Cello)

Production and Set Design: Johanne Buus Andersen

Costume: Julie Hendel 

Director Consultant: Isabelle Reynaud

I Love You, Bitch, Japan

Maria Pearl Weise (2021)


The dance performance I LOVE YOU, BITCH by Maria Pearl Weise is about self-love, self-care, self-promotion, and how people choose to install themselves in their lives. It explores how to handle ups and downs and the struggle to keep our heads above water while questioning how much we can take before we drown.


Choreographer and dancer: Maria Pearl Weise


Mikkel A. Tøttrup (2021)


The dance-theater performance Chicks by Mikkel A Tøttrup is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale "The Ugly Duckling" and addresses the relationship between our innate qualities and the influence we receive from our surroundings. The performance deals with courage, gender expectations, diversity, and hope. 


Choreographer and Artistic Director: Mikkel Alexander Tøttrup
Dramaturge: Ditte Greve Bichel 

Performers: Melissa Ferrari, Ombline Huvelle og Patryk Klos 

Costume Designer: Alberte Bojesen


G. Reitani & A.Rademacher (2021)


Essendo is a duet by dancer Giorgia Reitani and musician/dancer Abraham Rademacher. The piece is a continuous dialogue between the two artists and aims to show honesty towards oneself on a journey where vulnerability is embraced and not held back. Can we allow ourselves for a moment just to be?


Dancer: Giorgia Reitani

Musician and dance: Abraham Rademacher